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  • Photography
  • Recording
  • Video
  • Web Dev
  • Studio Complex
Bedfordshire Photography Studio

Bedfordshire Photography Studio

• Studios sizes up to 27m x 18m
• Vast Lighting Options
• Green / Blue / White / Black
• Comfortable + Air-conditioned
• Canteen (daytime)
• Parents with Children welcome

--> Portrait & Family Photographer
--> Products | Real Estate

Bedfordshire Recording Studio Recording Studio / Audio Services

• Digital + Analogue
• Vocal Specialists
• Acousticly Treated
• Versatile Engineers
• Producers/Remixers
• Mixing/Mastering
• Rock to R&B..

--> Recording Studio Bands
--> Recording Studio Vocals

Bedfordshire Video Services

Video Production Services

The Millennium Studios A Stage is just 60 feet away from our studio, in Bedfordshire. This large warehouse space is ideal for larger scale music videos and pre production. Top ten artists often use this superb facility. We can arrange lighting, props, make-up, shoot and edit your music video here.

Responsive web site designers

Commercial Web Designers

How well does your web site perform?
Is it built for today's surfers, easy to navigate, responsive and quick..

With access to the internet through mobile phones and tablets escalating, it is now essential that your web site defaults to variations suited to the device. Your search results will now suffer if you are not 'mobile friendly'

We are currently re-constructing our way through our client's sites bringing them up to date. Including bespoke e-commerce shopping systems.
Web Site Design

Facebook, Twitter, Google+.. Need a hand?
Social Online Presence

Millennium Studios, where we are situated has production stages and further facilities available.
A Stage
A Stage
The A Stage is 27.5m (L) x 18.8m (W) x 10m (H).
further information
live room
Live Room
The live room has an adjacent production area..
further information
On-site canteen, vending machines and pool table for client use..
further information

Sounding Great, Looking Good..

Recording and Promotional Packages for Singers and Musicians

Complete Recording / Promo Packages

• Recording, Mixing, Mastering
• CD, Cover Design & Manufacture
• Digital Files & help..
• Promotional Pictures
• Promotional Video
• Web Site Construction

Building a relationship with artists becomes a trust, an understanding of the sound, the look.. The goal..

--> Find out more..

Photoshoot / Recording Studio Gift Experience Vouchers

Gift experience vouchers for recording studio and photoshoots

Various Packages Available

Ideal Recording Gift for Vocalists
Photography in Studio or On-Location

• Voucher valid for 1 year
• Buy online or tailor to suit
• Flexible booking arrangements
• Professional Results!
--> Recording Studio Gift Experience
--> Photoshoot Gift Experience

News & Articles

  • Letting Agent Web Site Designers

    Letting Agent Web Site

    Property rentals, responsive web site design and construction.
    + Client folio building, photography of stylish apartments throughout Bedfordshire..

    Read More
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Property Marketing

Real Estate Video Tours filmed in HD - delivered on YouTube for easy sharing.
Real Estate Photography by Cian.Photography Metech Multimedia
Metech are currently filming virtual video tours and taking promotional photographs for a leading Bedfordshire property letting agent.
Find out more and see some samples..