Portrait and Family Photography

Zen Mixing Console

Our studio facility is just south of the Northamptonshire border, in Thurleigh, near Bedford at Millennium Studios and incorporates an air conditioned studio with lighting. The tidy, refurbished complex includes a canteen, recreation areas, with convenient parking and on-site 24hr Security. Further options for larger studios are available.
Your family / portrait photography shoot will be fun and productive and you are sure get some fantastic shots that you can cherish forever!


27m x 18m Studio Option, with Dressing Rooms

Dressing Room

Take advantage of the dressing rooms if you choose to upgrade the shoot to using the 'A' Stage facility.

Price Structure

It's common to find studios charging quite a minimal fee for the initial family photography shoot but when you delve further into the costing's it becomes clear (or not in a lot of cases) that you don't really get much for that and the actual cost inflates, with prints and additional images.
Our terms are very straight forward..

A family photoshoot or portrait session with a photographer lasts up to 2 hours and can take in studio shots with various looks and props as requested. This also includes outside photographs if you wish, within the grounds of the studio complex, such as roof-top shots and various other points of interest. Expect this photoshoot to be be around 60-100 pictures. ALL photographs are captured in full RAW format for maximum size and quality.
Once we have everything in the bag as it were, a third hour is allocated where we sit down with you and go through the photographs eliminating any that are obviously no good for whatever reasons. We refine more and more until there are 10 pictures that excite you.. (more than 10 are £10 each).

You are then free to leave the studio and your pictures in our capable hands for completion. Included at this point is refinement to visual elements such as colour balance, saturation, curves, contrast, high and low shadow mod's (to RAW files) and also removing any unwanted spec's or stray hairs etc (Photoshop).

Your finished images will then be exported at full quality as either tiff's or jpeg's (your choice) and sent to you as digital files you can get printed as you wish elsewhere. We will also convert files and supply in suitable sizes for web use. We will archive your original RAW files for a year in case you want to come back for other images at a later date.

Breakdownstudio make up artist


• Up to two hours family / portrait photography including studio and outside if requested
• One hour going through the photographs with you
• Further time (whatever it takes) tidying up spec's skin blotches (discussed with you first) and refining, exciting, enhancing 10 images
• Export in high resolution
• Web versions if required
• Supply in digital format through email download or CD / DVD

Total: £150

Additional Options
More than 10 pictures are just £10 each.
For those wishing to take things further with skin re-touching/smoothing, eye and lip enhancement there is additional cost by arrangement.
Cian can shoot on location or at an event for an additional £50 + fuel expenses (3 hrs on site).

The 'A' Stage gives us MORE Creative Options

Large production facility for photography and video

We can hire the A Stage (27.5m long x 18.8m wide x 10m high) here at Millennium Studios for an additional £200 for four hours.

This huge production space includes two dressing rooms with two led mirrors in each. There is also a further large office/costume room with wi-fi.
The A Stage gives us an infinite black background and further cyclorama options allowing us to be more creative using mixed lighting, smoke machines and larger props such as sofa's or even your cars..

To tell the truth we can get any set you want built by arrangement.
Is your family portrait a big 'un? Or maybe a club, business or team.. We can make your group shots look great!- Maybe the A Stage is the answer?

Pet Shop Boys Production rehearsals at Millennium Studios 'A' Stage. Photo by Metech