Audio Samples

At Metech we love all music, whether it's Jazz or Industrial Techno, Metal or Pop. We pride ourselves in a 'good ear', knowing what's right when it comes to getting the best out of a recording.

We can mix your audio stems or of course record here. We do mastering but this is a free service when clients use us to mix or record them. The reason it's free is because we feel that a mastering studio is a dedicated facility where you will get the best results. Us mastering your music can save you hundreds when it comes to an album, and most artists are totally satisfied with our mastering anyway!

Our experienced engineers can also offer a remixing service if you would like a version of your song specifically for clubs.

below; 'Grinder' - From the debut Stormbringer album, recorded and mixed at Metech.


Recordings Mixed and Mastered Here

Dance Industrial Rock Reggae

Vocal Recordings Over Backing Tracks)

Jaqueline  Classical Ellie Helen  Lara Izzie