While creating a new look and web site for Fatman Audio we suggested some creative images that could be used for banners on the new site and advertising panels on printed displays etc.. The intention to highlight the amp's valve aspect, creating a warm, yet modern feel to the images with some shallow depths of field allowing for slogan's and strap line's to be added to the images, maximising their usability with variety and imagination.
In addition to larger soft-box set-up's, we used flash guns with mini soft box's and various colour gel's to get some movement and colour into the frames. This product photoshoot was about the valve warmth and to capture this colour we needed longer exposures with flash at the end, while still keeping a jet-black background. As we are producing the web site on a white, black orange theme these images have enhanced the corporate colour system at the same time as displaying these retro, yet beautifully modern amplifiers. See these in use and the web site designed and constructed by Metech at fatman-audio.co.uk in a couple of weeks time!
For more information and samples please check out product photography services.