We have a great recording studio here in Bedfordshire and so it seemed logical to include a service for vocalists wishing to capture their performance for vocal demo's and performance showreels, with backing tracks, or their own material. These sessions are focussed and very productive. We do have a vocal room, however most clients prefer to work in the control room, quickly communicating with the engineer to capture their best performance. Avalon Compressor with Neumann U87 Mic Avalon Compressor with Neumann U87 Mic

Using the superb Avalon sp737 pre-amp/compressor with the industry standard Neumann U87 microphone through the award winning Audient ZEN console, being digitally converted using the Universal Audio Quad 16, in 24-bit at sample rates up to 192kHz, we are able to capture vocals that sound fantastic!

If you are recording a vocal showreel or performing your own work.. Come along to our studio and get a quality sound, recorded by professionals. The day can work how you wish, we want you to have fun and offer a positive atmosphere to make you feel as relaxed as possible in the quiet acoustically treated surroundings of Millennium Studios where we are based.

Vocal Recording - Pricing

madi Interface With Engineer: £35ph


Just drop us an email with your suggested dates and times and we'll get straight back to you with availability and options. or call 01234 780 161

Professional Musicians / Producer Available

If you have some great song ideas but need help, we can offer production and writing. In addition, musicians can be supplied. These musicians are professionals and you are going to go away with a commercial sounding finished mix of your songs, so if you require guitarists, drummers, piano, brass... whatever.. don't expect it to be cheap, because we do not use anything but accomplished, quality musicians for that sort of production. Contact us if you want to talk about this kind of package for your songs.

Samples: Ellie | Jaqueline | Helen | Lara | Izzie
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