A professional showreel or music video could make all the difference in nailing a club booking, acting job or just promotion for a song or album.
At Metech we have a choice of studio environments available to deliver beautifully lit and creative (or simple) sets to help you firstly look great..
Our performance showreel services both on site and on location can incorporate bespoke graphics, unique to you for a stunning showreel ideal for actors, dancers, voiceover artists or gigging cover bands, tribute artists and musicians.

We can work with your budget to deliver a performance showreel or music video for both people and products.. Professionally selling yourself or your services has never been more affordable.

We shoot in 6K RAW, using industry standard cameras and a range of top Canon L series lenses to achieve shallow depth of field, being ideal for that quality 'film' look with dreamy bokeh backgrounds. We have a range of soft boxes led panels and further lighting options and creative elements such as smoke machines, lasers etc..

Mic Rockers 'OBA' Music Video

A combination of storyline shot in the Metech studio and on-location footage under a vast railway bridge with amazing tall arches. A striking large wall of graffiti (well handy for this project) made a great backdrop for the night shoot. Filmed in 6K with the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, alongside L series Canon Lenses, cropped in various shots with the final output in full HD.

Mic Rockers 'Off Your Rocker' Music Video

Shot in the Metech studio, this is the first outing for our latest camera, the Blackmagic Cinema 6k. Shooting in this format not only delivers outstanding results, even in low light, with a filmic look but allows for framing, close-ups at full quality when edited in a 4k or HD environment. We shot multiple takes and multi-clipped them to allow for the fast take switching, all in perfect sync.

Kids Presenter Showreel

Shot in the Metech studio, this bubbly presenter was looking for a promo showreel to display her talents. This one took a few hours at the studio, then a few of hours editing.

Shooting in 4K and delivering in full HD (1080) gives us the opportunity for framing and scaling, keeping the quality at full whack all the time!

Music Promotional Video

UK band Sensorium came to Metech to produce this studio video. We hired Denmark Studios in London for the bulk of the shots and then went 'run & gun' for the other external scenes..
Cian at Metech also designed the 8 page CD booklet and we provided the DDP file for the manufacturing of the disc. Track 6 on the EP is a remix of the main track, written by Cian, also mixed and mastered here at Metech.
In addition to the video we also provided band photographs and product shots for the CD EP, used in advertising.