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Options: 6K Cinematic RAW, 4K Commercial UHD, RAW Filmic HD


The right camera for the right look..
For people working with filming machinery, bands and large objects where a deep depth of field is required, the Panasonic Micro four thirds GH4 is ideal (paired with an Atomos Shogun recorder for hours of record time in prores HQ). Using a converter to take advantage of the L series professional camera lenses we own, the cameras cropped sensor image achieves a deep and clear, full focus.

If a more filmic look is required with gorgeous shallow depth of field and a super wide dynamic range, then the BlackMagic 6K Cinema Camera is perfect. Superb in low light, with minimal noise, this camera, along with the Canon lenses can create magic!..
Metech has moved over to Davinci Resolve for editing this 6k footage. The advantage of this huge size capture among other things is that it allows for re-framing footage, zooming in and tracking/panning. without a loss in quality. If your end project size is 4K or even HD then you can full screen very small crops from your captured footage.. Handy when cutting from full body to a head shot of someone presenting to the camera for instance.


6K, 4K UHD RAW 12bit

Blackmagic Cinema 6K Camera

Blackmagic Cinema 6K Camera

Blackmagic Cinema 6K Camera

If you are looking for a dramatic, artistic or filmic look, whether it's a product, location, event or music video, this camera, coupled with Canon L series lenses delivers in full, super dynamic 6K RAW.

The 35mm sensor gives rise to charming bokah and the duel ISO offers outstanding low light capability to deliver colour rich images in challenging conditions.

Coupled with a macro lens, this is a popular choice for close up small products, with the available crop factor from 6k downwards, the zoom capability is immense.


Also, in addition to a filmic look, there is an option to shoot industry standard 10-bit pro res HQ in Ultra HD at all popular frame rates.


This excellent camera also offers 6k at double speed, and 120 fps in HD, delivering super smooth, full quality slow motion footage.

4K UHD and HD Straight to ProRes 10-bit HQ 422
Shogun Monitor Recorder used at Metech for Commercial video recordings

Lens Regain Remote

Panasonic DMC-GH4 + Atomos Shogun

A great choice when a lot of footage needs to be captured, such as in talking to the camera presentations for training, or product sales with additional graphics and company profile show reels.
It's difficult to get things down in 'one take', especially when you're an employee and presenting to the camera is not actually your job!. Using the Atomos Shogun, we can record direct to the device in ProRes for five and a half hours per drive and easily review the clips mark the good takes. A very reliable,clean and efficient way of producing content with our clients either on site or in our studio.
We will generally now shoot everything in 4K, often delivering projects in HD. This allows for framing and tracking options with the over-sized footage, still pixel-sharp in the 1080 environment and tightened when reduced. Overall we have found this hdmi-out 4:2:2 10-bit footage from the GH4 to the Shogun to stand up to colour editing so much better than previous generation 8-bit video, especially h264.

Accurate Focus Pulling & Canon Lenses on the GH4 withthe Aputure DEC LensRegain
Wouldn't it be great to use our Canon 'L' Series lenses on the GH4.. With that filmic, creamy shallow depth of field?.. It turned out there were a few options available, from a straight adaptor, which does not help with the crop on the micro 4/3 sensor, the reliable speed boosters from Metabones and also, a little gem, the Aputure DEC Lens Regain, which not only reduces the crop factor by 0.75x and adds another stop of light to the Canon lenses but has a remote wireless controller for the lens iris and focus. This allows smooth focusing and accurate pulls from points set for A->B again great for follow focus and tracking subjects.

RAW 14-bit, DNG converted to ProRes 12-bit 444
Metech RAW Video

Talking Head business video production

Canon 5D MKIII with Magic Lantern Firmware

Recording to fast drives we capture 8GB a minute with this method and therefore it is time consuming (copying and processing files), however the results are simply outstanding, a massive dynamic range, delivering the kind of colour depth associated with high-end cinema cameras.
If we are constructing a commercial business promotional video or other projects that require short bursts of filming (up to 3 mins) then this is an ideal option. Although footage is recorded in the camera we can still live view on a 28" monitor or our full

Studio / On Location Video

A second video for the talented Hip-hop artiste Mc Watnott, with his project Mic Rockers.
With the song being quite long and no other performers in the shoot, we chose a storyline visual for the firts part of the video, moving on to a location for the main Rap's and song. Shot with the superb BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema 6K camera. This huge size allows for zoom and re-scaling at lower 4k or HD resolutions, getting more quality framed shots for ya buck!

Hip-hop - Single, Video

Filmed in 6K RAW, this uplifting tune from UK's Mic Rockers 'Off Your Rocker' was shot in the Metech studio. Wattie played both parts and we stitched it all together from multiple takes to fulfill the final requirement of two characters larking about in the studio performing / battling.

Gothic Rock - Single, Video

In addition to designing and creating the packaging for a CD 6 track ep by UK band Sensorium, Metech were tasked with producing this promo video. Cian from Metech also wrote a remix, recorded and mastered here and included in the release.

Kids Presenter Showreel

Natasha wanted a bubbly, fun showreel to show examples of her work and also get across her presenting and storytelling skills. These additional shots and editing the promotional video were done here at the Metech studio

Studio, Talk to Camera Promotional Videos

The example to the left took 2 hours to set up and shoot, then 2 hours editing, graphics and colour correction and upload to YouTube..
Excellent value at the comfortable, air conditioned Metech Studio, - a chance to talk to your web site visitors about products, services or yourself.. and also take advantage of the second biggest search platform on the net.
This client also had a promo photo shoot (+graphic editing), giving him a ton of Content for Social Media and perfect for the web site we've just built for him.. This business has become 'alive' online in a week!

The Showhome Warehouse

32,000sqft - 10,000+ products.. Let's have a look around!

In addition to this video, Metech have created a new web site and shot over 200 unique and stylish images around this inspiring showroom. Being very popular on Facebook, this company was happy to receive this mass of quality content for use in many posts in the future. Also, galleries and banner slides have been created on the new web site showcasing the vast selection of home style products and ex-showroom furniture.

Orionair - Heaters

We recently filmed some short product promo's for our client Orionair, who are distributing their own range of industrial heaters.
In the Metech studio we had the facility to control the light and use pole and slider techniques to capture the portable space heater range. Following capture, we then went on to take selling points from the existing web content and add text to the video to complete the presentation.

Video - Select Quality 1080p HD

Production Studios Promotional Video

Magic Lantern Canon Firmware Hack

This video has been shot by Metech in RAW, (apart from one drone shot and the supplied stills) then following import into Lightroom, yes, Lightroom! for DNG colour correction exported, compiled and converted to 444 Pro-res.
Superb dynamic range and great quality footage is achievable using this method. Installing this 'hack' on our 5D III has it's risks, but the results from using Magic Lantern outweigh the risk element..

We have developed a workflow for the use of this lush, advanced imagery. See our full article, tutorial and tips about filming with Magic Lantern Firmware.

A Complete Website and 'Promo Ammo' Package?

Canon 5D MK III and various lenses

We've done this for a few new and small businesses now.. A web site and associated promotional media including video, photography of either products or people, apartments or places, being used for different outlets including press, sales and most importantly Social Media. We're also finding that something special and creative is a good bet for Social Media posts.. Getting your products shot in a creative way gives the variety you may need for long-term interest and impact.
During this creative process much advice can be sought with regard to getting your business 'out there'; what's the best way to kick start things, getting your web site correctly formatted and coded for today's browsers, tablet's and mobile's and most of all climbing the search engine ladder to the fight that is page 1!

Polecam and Jimmy Jib

Jimmy Jib and Polecam + 3D filming

We can provide for hire or with operator(s) camera cranes including Jimmy Jib which will extend to 30ft and carry cameras up to 50lbs. The jib will take 1-2 hours to set up and may require 2 operators, depending on location and production.
An alternative, which is also cheaper, is the Polecam portable camera crane. This jib extends to 20ft, requires one operator and is highly mobile with a set-up time of around 10 minutes. The cameras used on the Polecam are mini HD 3 chip cameras and consistently used on commercial television. The operator we can supply with both these rigs is a professional with over 25 years filming experience, he owns the equipment and often works for the likes of BBC, Sky Sports, ITV, Channel 4.

3D HD Video Capture

If you wish to film in 3D, our operator has the experience and equipment. Using mini 3 chip HD cameras he has worked filming Sky 3D Rainforest, 3Net Wonders, 3D Boxing for Sky Sports and X Games BMX, Diving etc etc..

The A Stage - Video and Pre Production at Millennium Studios

27.5m long x 18.8m wide x 10m high

This sound treated facility is perfect for performance music videos and pre production. The space comes with a production office that includes internet connections, power etc and also two artist dressing rooms, with showers, fitted to a high standard.
Easy load in, with parking available outside.

For miming to your video you will need a PA in the A Stage, although we have got away with it (including a drummer) using a 1kw system which we can supply FOC, it is recommended that you choose a larger rig. We can supply up to 20k, with engineers etc.. Let us know your requirements.

With professional engineers, starts at £300

The A stage warehouse is available for £1250 +vat per day. There is an additional minimal charge for electricity used.

A stage at Millennium Studios spacer A Stage at Millennium Studios spacer A stage at Millennium Studios
A stage at Millennium Studios   Meeting Room   Artist Dressing room
Production Office   Outside A Stage   Canteen at the studio