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Product Photographer

Whether you require a thousand catalogued product shots suitable for a web store, printed brochure or poster campaign, or are selling singular items of high value, it's always going to work to your advantage to have clean, professional photographs. Through the use of lighting, framing and camera knowledge Metech has the ability to craft artistic moods and charm into products, in addition to more standard informative photographs both in natural or production environment, or in the precision of our available Bedfordshire photography studios.
Fatman Headphones

Product Photography Studio

Photographs can be cleaned up, including removing any unwanted blemishes on the product. Also colour balance, levels, saturation, sharpening etc may well be implemented in varying degrees according to the required impact, medium and definition of the theme for the project.

If you can imagine it, it's likely through our vast, cross-industry contacts we could pull it together.. and of course.. photographs can be manipulated to a huge degree upon request.

Large and Small Items

The Metech studio is ideal for smaller product photographs (we also have macro lenses) such as the examples shown above of audio products or in-ear monitor coloured moulds below..
Metech Product Photography Studio
Metech Product Photography Studio

Warehouse Size Photographic Facility

Warehouse for photographing large products
We also have access to a soundproofed warehouse facility (pictured by Metech right) just 50 paces away from our studio, (Stage - 27.5m L x 18.8m W x 10m H), with lorry access, direct load-in and parking, dressing rooms and production office.
If you wanted us to take pictures of a bus for instance, we could actually drive it into this space and still have plenty of room for the shoot..

Large Cyclorama for Photography & Video

A U shaped Cyclorama (21m x 17m x 7.8m) is also available, which can be painted to suit, whether white, blue, green or black. Lighting systems and engineers can also be provided.

How much does Product Photography Cost?

Includes setting up, shooting the images and refining them. We will give you a clear price when we know what you would like to achieve. This price will remain firm as it is likely we will go above and beyond our quoted time to make sure your product photographs are of the highest standard.
Your images can be displayed in a password protected online gallery for approval and download.

Can I attend a Product Shoot?

Yes, you are welcome to attend, we run the images tethered live to Lightroom photo editing software, so you can see the captured images as they are taken on a 27" screen.