Real Estate Property Photography Service

Presentation is the key!.. Put your property agency ahead of the competition with quality real estate video services and clean, professional photography.

Property filming and photography services Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Real Estate Property Photographer

Internal pictures are often taken using bracketing, a multi exposure of 3-5 images (dependant on lighting extremes) grouped when imported into Lightroom, to ensure as a combination, fabulous exposure throughout the image. We may also use remote flash with shoot through umbrella's or soft boxes all dependant on the requirement. White balance, vibrance, saturation, and colour correction are also applied to specific lighting change areas. Your real estate is our artwork, we want to make it look fantastic and help you sell and let property. We offer professional photography you can rely on for standards, punctuality and delivery. Priced realistically and competitively.

Also, often taking commercial property photographs in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.
This is my photographic style below.. Clean, sharp with slightly low saturation and lifted shadows, minimal contrast. The property services agent I took these for has now asked me to photograph her entire rental folio in addition to further videos.

1 Bed Apartment


Agent AMMO - Artistic Shots at the premises

Ideal for ad's and web site's these sort of shots cry out for a few lines of text, selling a lifestyle or warm caring environment, read into them what you will!


2 Bed 1 Bathroom Apartment