Shot in the middle of a field in the middle of the day.. Using high speed sync with two flashes we simply waved goodbye to all that light we just didn't want!

I thought I'd try out some high speed sync as the sun was setting over this corn field, so in a mad rush getting the gear from the studio we missed it by a few minutes.. So I went real fast shutter speed and blew out the ambient light altogether to grab some moody shots!

High Speed Sync in Daylight / Rear (or 2nd) Curtain Sync as the light falls..

Using the Phottix Oddin trigger system and two Canon Speedlight's off camera it was possible to shoot at 1/320th second & F3.5 to F5.6 ISO 100, not giving the ambient light much of a chance! For the road shot, the light had more or less gone, so I reversed into 2nd curtain sync at 30" & F9 ISO 100, allowing the exposure to build for the tree outline and road to show, creating depth and a certain amount of mystery to the image. In 2nd (also called rear curtain sync) curtain sync the flash bangs out at the end of the exposure giving me the chance to freeze and light the main subject of the image.
So with the ambient light under control it was a matter of positioning the Speedlight's and adjusting the output. I usually run the main fill on TTL and control the rear/side light in manual. I'll often get stuck in with a reflector if needed too.

Speedlights set up for High Speed Sync Canon Speedlights set up for High Speed Sync in Daylight
Ground Speedlight pointing upwards / 2 x Speedlight's set on high speed sync