Metech wrote and produced exclusively, the music and lyrics for this promotional video for the Polecam portable camera jib.
The brief was that it needed to be uplifting and also carry some humour in the words. We decided to sing about the products showing, a tongue in cheek way of focusing on the content, hopefully making the viewer feel relaxed, with a smile.
Also, we sung as if there was a love for the user's Polecam "My Sugar - You make my life so sweat again".

Metech had originally edited the promotional video from over 4 terabytes of footage, focusing on the relevant content to deliver an overview of the system and associated products. We also went to the factory to film the latest products that had been updated, to be included in the showreel. Finally adding the descriptive wording for those without audio on their machines.
Running Final Cut and Logic audio with the sequence movie floating in Logic, both arrangements could be tidied up and shuffled around to allow a seamless flow that the client would be happy with.