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Professional Product Photography: Everything You Need to Know
The importance of professional product photography in today's digital era is paramount. It is the initial impression a customer has of your product and should, therefore, be of the highest quality.

Equipment and set-up used in product photography:

• Cameras: Professional photographers usually use high-end digital cameras, such as Canon EOS and Nikon D series cameras, which come with a wide range of lenses to capture multiple angles of the product.

• Bespoke Photography Tables and Set-ups: Photographers use bespoke tables, set-ups, and lighting techniques tailored to the specific product being shot, which ensures perfect lighting and angles to create sharp, clean, and polished images.

Why is it better to use a professional photographer for taking pictures of products?

• High-quality photography increases sales and boosts brand recognition.

• Professional photography matches the quality and consistency of your brand, making your products look more attractive and professional.

• A professional photographer focuses on the technical aspects of photography such as lighting, composition, and color balance.

• Professionals understand how to communicate with the audience through visuals, making your products more appealing.

• Professional photography saves time and resources than going the DIY way.

• Professional photographers come with the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to produce high-quality images.

Macro Lenses

The use of macro lenses for small products such as jewellery, watches, and other small items is a crucial aspect of product photography. Macro lenses are specifically designed to capture intricate details, making them perfect for small items. For example, a macro lens can focus on a small charm or clasp on a piece of jewellery, bringing out its detail to create visually stunning photos.

White Backgrounds

Sharp, clean images on a white background are vital for sales on commercial websites such as Amazon. The white background is meant to remove distractions from the product, focusing the attention on the image. A professional photographer knows how to achieve this, ensuring the products' images fully comply with the requirements for listing on online marketplaces.


In conclusion, professional product photography is a critical part of any business selling products online. Hiring a professional photographer often outweighs the costs by boosting sales and making products look more attractive. High-quality photos lead to a better overall customer experience and increase the likelihood of repeat business and positive feedback.