When shooting larger products we have options. 100 yards away from our studio is the Millennium Studios production stage facility. An open space with superb access 27.5m (L) x 18.8m (W) x 10m (H), ideal for photographing large products, cars.. and shooting moody video too! (cue smoke machine).

On Location Product Photography

In addition to our own product photography studio and this superb soundproof, private (with 2 x changing rooms and production office) open inside space available for hire, we can always come to you!.. and that's what our client EliseParts.com requested for photography and video of the custom chassis they manufacture.

Metech Product Photography StudioMetech Product Photography Studio

Mobile Photography Studio

When you're talking about heavy or awkward large products that need photographing, it may well make sense for Metech to come to you. We know our gear and what we'll need to light the product correctly for a clean, sharp exposure, whether on a white or black background. Experience tells us what can also be achieved in post processing, however, of course it is always best to get as close to the finished image 'in camera'.

Even Balance of Light

Taking meter readings throughout the image allows the product to be lit in an even way, this was the style we wanted for these images. The client requested to show off the superb craftsmanship, in both machining and welding, so an 'honest' reproduction, clear and informative, was the goal. These images are to be displayed at an optional high resolution online, so visitors can inspect this quality, especially on the raw metal shots.
Of course we can add drama, light and shade... but not a requirement for this project.

Metech Product Video StudioMetech Product Photography Studio

Product Video

In addition to the Canon 5D MK III we use for photography, we also have a Panasonic G3, allowing for 10-bit video to be recorded externally on the Atomos Ninja in 4K, capturing a wide dynamic range. For online, 1080HD is ideal, so shooting in 4K allows for zooming in or framing particular objects while retaining a sharp image in post editing on the timeline.

Our L Series Canon Lenses work with both cameras, due to the optional Aputure DEC LensRegain added to the GH4. When shooting video we capture to V-LOG, so the maximum width of colour and gradients can be captured for more colour option and image manipulation while still again retaining quality. Video is shot in Pro Res HD and we also recommend the export while still in this very high format to platforms such as YouTube, so they do the final compression. The results are clear.. literally.
More information about promotional video production.


We'll post the video here on this page when our client publishes it.