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Our client was ready to move her web site form a Wordpress version to Joomla cms. It was Metech's job to create the responsive web site but keep the existing design. Something we can do by inspecting css and of course experience and graphic design.

Debbi, from Northampton, has been fitting extensions for over 20 years. Her mobile extensions service takes her throughout Northamptonshire and over into Milton Keynes.

Debbi offers other services including Hair Volumiser for those suffering from hair loss and Racoon Hair in Recovery Programme. For further information about booking mobile hair extensions in Northampton or hair extensions in Milton Keynes, please follow the links.

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News & Articles

  • Multi-Multimedia! (1204)

    Mimi Novic came to Metech through a recommendation, as per 80% of our clients, looking for someone who could pull together a variety of half-finished and further proposed ideas. A life coach and self awareness teacher, Mimi is highly regarded in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Also working as a therapist, alternative medical practitioner, life coach, voice-over artist,...

  • Hand Made Candles Product Shoot (889)

    Chris came to Metech for some 'on white background' shots of the fantastic candles his company Candlibrium make by hand, using only the best non-toxic natural materials, all packaged superbly and oozing class! In addition to the clean shots, Chris was after some incorporating wooden surfaces and in natural 'home' environments. We also produced various creative dreamy looks for use with...

  • Content for Social Media (1103)

    Here is an example of a collection of work we recently did for a new business start-up.

  • Letting Agent Web Site (1820)

    Metech recently built this apartment rental web site for our client Claire Walton Property. Focusing on property rentals for short-term commercial lets, Claire's folio is ever increasing, with a focus on modern, stylish apartments including all the fittings and features.

  • Tricky Product Shoot (1763)

    Shooting Steel and Clear Products on a White Background From one challenge to another.. We recently shot some product photography for a golf club manufacturer, photographing stainless steel which meant no studio reflections and blown out contrast. This week we took on small transparent in-ear monitoring systems and ear...

  • Agent AMMO (1131)

    Creative Photography for Advertising Estate Agent ExampleWhen we take photographs of a property there is often quirky knickknack's about that we can capture as additional requirement.

  • RAW Video - Canon (2604)

    Introduction Magic Lantern is an alternative operating system (firmware) developed by volunteer programmers in an open source environment. The firmware is not endorsed nor supported by Canon and users temporarily overwrite the camera software with this alternative at their own risk. Installing this firmware could (although very unlikely) leave your camera in a locked, useless state.

  • Hi-Fi E-Commerce Site (1144)

    Our client Fatman Audio originally approached us requiring product photography for their presence on the John Lewis web site. Following that project we went on to create further images and advertisements. Due to the nature of the internet swinging towards responsive web sites it was time for Fatman to have a...

  • Producer Trending (1134)

    Gathering pace like a wildfire out of control.. Metech producer 'Sabriska' is currently enjoying a third week at number 1 on and crashing up the UK National Dance Chart on, also to number 1!

  • Hair Extensions Site (1238)

    Our client was ready to move her web site form a Wordpress version to Joomla cms. It was Metech's job to create the responsive web site but keep the existing design. Something we can do by inspecting css and of course experience and graphic design.

  • Hi-Fi Photoshoot (1718)

    Metech are currently finishing (done *) the design/construction of a new, responsive (scales/adjusts to suit mobile, tablet and computer screens) website for Fatman Audio.

  • Clothing Photoshoot (2322)

    When our client arrived we were set up and ready to go. Test shots had been done, the background was totally blowing out and flash on two shoot through umbrellas was set for a perfect exposure of the children's clothed mannequin we were to shoot.

  • E-Commerce Web Site (1505)

    Every couple of years or so it's certainly worth considering how a web site performs on today's browsers and devices. We have seen a sharp increase in the use of mobile and tablet devices, while users are becoming more experienced. You need to deliver your content in a way which is user friendly or you'll lose those visitors, fast!

  • Web Site for abseilers (1684)

    Metech recently built this responsive web site for our client Hiline Abseiling. With the changes recently implemented by Google in regard to mobile and other smart devices, it was certainly time to upgrade the site.

  • Reggae Recording (1543)

    Metech recently had Roots / Dub reggae band Frantasise in the studio to record lead vocals and harmonica. Followed by a mix and master of existing recordings.

  • Photoshoot and Vocal Recording - Combined Package (1605)

    Kerry contacted us to book a photoshoot gift voucher and vocal recording gift experience for her daughters' 18th birthday, wanting to take advantage...