When our client arrived we were set up and ready to go. Test shots had been done, the background was totally blowing out and flash on two shoot through umbrellas was set for a perfect exposure of the children's clothed mannequin we were to shoot.
The camera was of course on a tripod and set on remote 2 sec timer to ensure precision. We were able to see the results as they were shot, due to us shooting tethered to Adobe Lightroom and displaying the images on a 28" screen.
We did not do any post processing in this case, as only cropping and minor modifications were needed, so our client saved a few bucks and finished the pictures in Photoshop herself. Another smooth Metech job, with everyone very happy!

I'm sure you'll agree, these garments are so cute and quite beautiful.. we wish all the best to the Hoity Toity brand.

For the sake of displaying the images on this news post we've cropped and made a few slight adjustments, simply for showing what to expect if you are looking for a clothing or product photographer.

Client Response..
Cheers Cian - looking forward to shooting the next collection, the images look stunning.. the sites live now hoity-toity.co.uk check 'The Collection' page Huge Thanks L