Mimi Novic came to us through recommendation, as per 80% of our clients, looking for someone who could pull together a variety of half-finished and further proposed ideas.
A life coach and self awareness teacher, Mimi is highly regarded in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Also working as a therapist, alternative medical practitioner, life coach, voice-over artist, author and motivational speaker. For more information please visit the web site Mimi Novic (built by Metech).

Six CD Albums + Digital Sales

Mimi Novic Albums

Mimi had 65 tracks that needed mastering and also preparing/arranging for cd manufacture (DDP), print on demand CD versions for Amazon and also digital downloads. Artwork needed pulling together and rebuilding from previous designs. We modified the back's, CD, tray card's and added inner pages.

Release Set-Up

The albums were to be released on the label Aspiring Hope Music, which meant getting an account set up with PPL to get ISRC codes to embed in CD Duplication and Digital Download files, identifying the tracks as Copyright to Aspiring Hope Music. We also helped set up accounts with GS1 UK, allowing Aspiring Hope to create bar codes for the various formats including pressed and digital music, spoken word and printed media. A further account was set up with an online digital portal that then feeds the tracks out to iTunes, HMV, Spotify, Amazon Digital etc..

Silence Between the Sighs

E-Book Recording and Compiling

Further to the music and spoken word projects above, we also recorded and compiled a complete Audio book of Mimi's previously released book 'The Silence Between the Sighs'. Quite a task and involving a lot of editing to remove all the bits the plug-in's couldn't do naturally.. but then we do like a noise floor of 0db and no pops crackles lip noises etc etc..

Peaceful Tranquility Inspirational Cards by Mimi Novic, designed and photographed by Metech Multimedia

Peaceful Tranquility Inspirational Cards (printed)

Another of Mimi's projects is a set of inspirational cards titled 'Peaceful Tranquility' which offers motivational thoughts from her.
A 56 card pack featuring different designs and photographs on each card.
With the backgrounds as a starting point, Mimi sat in on all aspects of the design process, allowing for decisions on the spot as to what was working and what wasn't, design-wise for her.
Available to buy here.
Visit Mimi Novic's web site.

RUMI Quotes and sayings by Mimi Novic, Designed and photographed by Metech Multimedia.

Wisdom Of RUMI

A second pack we have produced for Mimi Novic is a collection of sayings and quotes by RUMI, a renowned 13th-century mystical Turkish poet.
Available to buy here.

Promotional Video

We are currently capturing some unique footage for use in a promotional video for Mimi's book 'The Silence Between the Sighs'.. Come back soon to see the updated video here..

In the meantime, here is a tranquil image compilation (1 of 6) we put together for Mimi, for showcasing her spoken word and musical albums on YouTube, her Web Site and Social Media etc..