Being the multi-talented musician and producer he is, Mo Pleasure endorses many products. We got together to take some shots of him with some of them.


Bass Guitar

First we had a couple of bass guitars. I used a flash to the left, high, shooting through a soft box, behind right, again high, a fixed LED light I can dial up and down to suit, this is for a small amount of backlighting to help the subject pop from the background. Low on the front right I have a shoot-through umbrella about waist height with the flash dialled down two stops. I want shadow in the image but this will just lift the definition in that area.. Moving on to other poses with modified lighting and focal points.


Classy ROLI Keyboard

Certainly a good looker, although very minimal it's got that well-made, modern feel and texture to it. Mo tells me the keys on this keyboard play really nice and in a unique way, offers a new level of expression in performance.


Yamaha XF8 Performance Piano

A bit of a monster this keyboard. I'm told, if you have this, you're done.. it sounds traditional or modern, giving you lush flavours through to precise modelling and sample integration to deliver outstanding performance (am I getting paid for writing this? lol!)


Spinning Brass

A while back now, I took some longer exposure/second curtain sync shots with some dancers, capturing light trails.. When Mo pulled out this trumpet that immediately came to mind!. I think I was on about an 8th of a second with him spinning the trumpet on a finger, for less trails and maybe up to 1.5 sec's for more.. You'd think you can just go on as long as you like but there's a point where it fades and just doesn't grab decent trails, so experimenting is the key to find that sweet spot and grab it with a flash at the end of the extended exposure!. I hand held a small led bank of lights and flashed it onto the spin for some extra dynamics..


Brass Mic

These two shots were all about the mic on the end of the instrument.. Get that looking good and have a great model such as Mo and shots just come together. Also, another shot which is selling that particular horn instrument.