Metech was recently requested to photograph 23 staff portraits for a uniform look to staff members accross Social Media networks.

Social Media Business Profile Photography by Metech MultimediaOur client Ceetak Ltd, provides engineered sealing solutions.

All the equipment required was set-up on site allowing 15 minutes per staff member for portraits.
We shot four or five images per person giving them the opportunity to choose one they were happy with, or to take further pictures.

The equipment consisted of a white photographic paper backdrop, which was lit using a Phottix Indra 500 studio strobe on a manual setting of 1/8 power. The subject was sitting on a stool, sitting offset with their face turned to the camera, this positioning gave us consistency across all the images. A second Indra 500, using TTL was set up shooting through a white umbrella for a soft light on the person.
A reflector was also used to fill in to a certain level, the shadows to the left and under the chin.

Photographs were taken using a Canon 5D MKIII camera and L series 24-70mm lens, captured live into Lightroom, allowing for convenient instant preview on the Mac laptop as the images were taken.